Gemstone Jewelry by Jorge Revilla Gemstone Jewelry by Jorge Revilla 3 Strand necklace of peridot topaz and aqua marine two three 4 5 6
Jorge Revilla's relationship with design and creativity started when he began to study Fashion and Design in his home town of Burgos, Spain, studies which he continued in London. In his gemstone jewelry designs, Jorge looks for the best expression of feelings, with the use of colour, light, Mediterranean sensuality and warm shapes. Jorge's gemstone jewellery designs are filled with sophistication, made to dazzle and surprise. His creations show the melting pot of cultures that have lived in harmony in Spain over the centuries. Sensitivity, intuition and boldness are fundamental factors when creating. Sensations, the rhythm of life and everyday changes lead Jorge to create something new. An event, a journey, a new landscape, a person, the light of the street or a wine are his inspiration. For Jorge Revilla, being open to experiment and feel something new every day is a way of life that is visible in his designs.

semi precious gemstone jewelery by Jorge Revilla

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