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How to Tie a Man's Scarf: The Casual Cravat
How to Tie a Man's Cravat

How to Tie a Man's Scarf: The Casual Cravat

A classic look for men typically seen with a silk scarf - it works with linen in the summer and as in the picture it's a great look with a simple wool muffler.
  1. ➊  Place the scarf around your neck so the two ends fall to the front and pull the right side so that it is a little longer.
  2. ➋  Cross the longer length over the shorter length and then wrap it behind the shorter length so again the short length is on your left and the long length on your right.
  3. ➌  Cross the longer length again over the shorter length, and this time wrap the longer length underneath and up through the loop you've created around your neck and fold the length down over the 'knot'.
  4. ➍  If needed, pull on the short bottom length of scarf so that the knot rolls back and downward to hide the knot and create a fuller top. Also, straighten out the top so that it sits nice and full.
  5. ➎  For a formal look, use a cravat or tie pin in the top center.
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